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Curtis Lumber - Help Section

Overview of was developed for our customers to shop for their building projects. Our system is available 24/7 for you to view current specials, order product any time day or night, see current invoices and balance information. Our IBOS system allows you to view all our products stocked at our locations via our online product catalog.

Registration & Login

  • In order to interact with the system, each customer must identify him/her self to the system.
  • To register, go to and go to the My Account Home on the site header. Click on the Hyperlink link below the login fields.
  • You will initially need your customer number from your billing statement in order to sign up. This will be assigned by Curtis Lumber Co. Inc.
  • All activity associated with your account is governed and protected by your unique Username and Password, please protect it at all times.
  • IBOS features Self-Registration that will allow a customer to set up and register for use and access to the system. By providing account number, zip code, and city information entered EXACTLY as found on their statement, IBOS will generate a user name and password to access the system..

Emulate User

• This feature will be enabled for all system, administrators, and the link is located directly under the Admin Menu link in the My Account section. All you need is the customer number to emulate the account.

• You will be loaded into IBOS with all the information for that company such as orders, quotes, prices, and statements.

• This will allow you to save time and energy in researching user questions and comments.

• A customer may be able to use this feature depending on the access rights allowed by Curtis Lumber Co. Inc.

Forgot Your Password

• Please supply your user name or email and your password will be sent to the email you registered when you created this account. If you need further assistance with passwords, please contact us at

Changing your password

  • Click on the "User Profile" link to change your password. We recommend that you change your password frequently in the to maintain proper security for your account information: 

             i. Click on the "User Profile" link.

             ii. Enter your new password in the first box.

             iii. Confirm your new password in the next box.

             iv. Click the "Update Account" button.

Shared Account Usage (Multi-user access)

Please note that the system can accommodate multi-user access to your online account. When prompted for Username and Password, each user should identify themselves with their own unique email address, name and password information.

Product Catalog & Shopping Cart

From the “home page” or by clicking on the Store tab in the site header, you can gain access to our entire product inventory.

Shopping Cart Features

You select items to place into your cart by inserting an amount for each line item you wish to order. Once you’ve made your selections, you must click the “Add to Cart” button to record your order quantities in the system. Once you’ve input your quantities and clicked, Add to Cart button, you have several options available as shown on the screen. The shopping cart is always displayed on the main "Store" page.

Creating an Online Order

To process a shopping cart as an order, all you need do is click the Checkout button on the cart page. Doing so will take you to a Shipping Instruction page. On this page, you can select the yard location you wish to process the order from (using the dropdown box of locations), select yard pick-up, or deliver to a Job or address of your choice. You may also select a preferred future delivery date.

Product Search

One of the easiest methods for finding products on is to use the "Search" box. Input descriptions "Modular Homes" or just "Yard Sheds" and the search will yield all products that contain the term(s). The search functionality will also display categories in which the term appears. This will provide useful if your terms are not exact.

Order Detail & Shipping detail (optional)

An optional order screen is available to allow you to enter a customer Purchase Order Number, name of the person requesting order placement and a text entry box to input detailed information concerning delivery and instructions for the order. Customers may personally pick up their orders or they may be delivered to them via the company delivery truck.

Confirming an Online Order

Once you’ve completed all of your entries and selections, you can review your order to ensure that it has all the correct information prior to transmitting it to A description text box is provided so you can input information to identify the order easily. At this point, you can cancel or submit the order to the website.

The moment you submit your online order, the order will be placed into your order folder and the system will generate an electronic mail acknowledgement back to your email account. Curtis Lumber Co. Inc. will review and process theorder upon receipt, pick, and pack and avail your order for pick-up or delivery as per your request.

If you need to be contacted about any aspect of the order, the company will contact you by phone or email to discuss the issue with you for clarification

Account Services

By clicking on the My Account Home link at the top of each page of the site, you can access the following information as shown on the screen. You can view and print invoices, statements, and orders and access up- to-date account information any time you desire.

  • Quote Section
    • All quotes can be revised into an order, updated to current pricing, revised with new products.
  • Orders
    • All orders preformed on the web site appear under the Orders tab.
  • Invoices
    • Current, unpaid invoices, appear in the Invoice tab.
  • Statements
    • Statements included all unpaid and paid invoices, balances and payment history.
  • Job Information
    • Job information is stored and edited under the Jobs link.
  • User Profile
    • Change your user profile and passwords under the User Profile Tab.